We approach design from two key view points:
1. Consumer Focus 2. Creation of innovation

Innovation is what drives the desire in consumers.  it can be something that is groundbreaking or evolutionary (types of innovation) it really doesn’t matter. What does matter is that it means something or has impact to the person that is attracted to and buys your service or product (they can decide if it is innovative or not)

Consumer focus is imperative, now thats not to say we just deliver what is asked, no we go beyond that, but first we must understand the consumer mindset to be able to build upon it or challenge it. This is critical for the business case viability and the making or manufacturing of service or product.

These are the 4 key skill competencies that we undertake.

Insights (research)


The act of research is to emphasize and understand people, businesses, markets, products. The act of understanding and showing empathizing with humans is what drives great designs and we add another level to make it even better, addressing needs and desires that a consumer can never tell you. This comes from Insights.

Synthesis (framing)strategy@2x-80 Understanding is key, and making sense from those insights is critical. This is what I call the design strategy. Without this, research is just mounds of findings with nothing actionable, and markets are just markets with no plan to succeed in them.
Draw (explore)HAND@2x-80 The act of drawing is stunning. used to create ideas, present ideas, map out strategies and generally get visual fast. Solving problems and bringing people together. Communicating through visuals breaks down barriers and moves ideas to the next level. Hand sketches to CAD documents.
Design (develop)ROBOT@2x-80 The experience and expertise of knowing how to produce something in manufacturing encompassing all the details from colour all the way to mold textures and ejector pins is critical to getting a product to market. I have designed and engineered in metal, wood, plastic, foam with equipment that processes these materials.


The illustrations below show you more of the details / workflow. Click them to see larger view.


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