Creatively minded yet design disciplined.

My tagline – I tried for many years to find an alternative tag-line so to speak, but I couldn’t. After many years design is still a process or a track to getting somewhere. Design is iterative and involves planning, making and testing in various orders. But Creativity, it’s a lot more random, it is the ability to connect the dots of disparate information to make the something have some relevance or sum better than the parts. Hand in hand they are amazing together because it combines methodical intelligence with sparks of ingenuity.


I attended design school in the hay-day of User-Centered Design, meaning my design education was focused on the end user and how to engage with, research and delight by delivering amazing product offerings. My undergrad education also included more back of the shop necessities of product development – manufacturing, service, engineering and general business. In the USA, “Design Thinking” is a popular yet strange term, I like to use “creative problem solving” as a better descriptor and from 2010 onwards design thinking is based on humans. That’s what is at the heart of things, knowing how to define a problem then deliver solutions that exceed what is desired. Just like human’s it’s a mix of logic and emotion that make things work or fail.

So… you do what? 

With 20yrs of hands-on experience I concept and create product and brand experiences that are designed for consumers. I am passionate about bringing products, services and brands to life in a meaningful manner using creative problem-solving techniques that build on consumer research.
My journey normally starts with gaining a deep understanding of how a product, brand or service journey works and how it connects. I then collaborate to craft creative design solutions that not only appeal to the rational mind but also tug at the heartstrings of consumer emotion to produce exceptional products that become successful in the marketplace.

More details of my story and background are here

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