I’m a creative mind with design discipline, I believe in making things better…

-better consumer products
-better consumer experiences
-better consumer businesses

I help companies become more successful using consumer-based thinking in Product Design, Brand Design and User Experience.
Revolution or evolutionary, I help solve problems or identify ways/areas to improve situations and experiences with products and brands, my work is scalable so that it can help on a consumer, business and maybe even the bigger picture of industries/societies level.


My process of creation considers the critical triad of humans, business and technology. Fundamentally I overlay a human-centered approach to innovation. With experience working from research, concept and production to get to results that really matter with consumers and humans! I use design methods to creatively connect the dots resulting in – design and experiences that consumers desire.

Humans, society, culture and technology are ever changing, we need to understand this and make better for the greater good.



I offer three design related services.  Business and Brand Foundations, User Experience, and Product Design.

  1. Business and Brand is about creating a memorable emotional feel that talks in the right way and is hyper desirable to the targeted consumers – this might involve some research to really understand the market and your target consumers. Establishing what is hyper desirable and how to creatively address that in a way that makes sense to your business.(the essence of  your company, is used to help to communicate with your consumer, internal marketing and product development -a guiding light)
  2. User experience is understanding the total experience that a consumer goes through. From initial need identification to in-store sale or consumer support. This includes user research and innovation strategies.(Conducting user and market research, mapping and creating insights for meaningful design)
  3. Product Design and development of hard and soft consumer goods. This is the nuts and bolts of the craft – from concept to execution, with products from Refrigerators to doggie beds, soup to nuts. (this is where the right things become real)


1.Business & Brand   3.Product Design & Dev
Brand Definition  User Research Benchmarking
Brand Architecture  Innovation Insights Ideation
Story and communication  User experience Prototyping
Product Strategy UX Mapping Specification

Let’s collaborate, Let’s make things better. – for humans, for businesses and industries.


James   /  JDBDesign.co  /  503.858.7779  /  hello@jdbdesign.co