People ask me if i’m an engineer or an artist, that’s always a tough question. My response is “I’m a creative mind with design discipline, which helps me to make things better”…

I like making better things and from there on it’s an easy conversation. What kind of things or what do you mean by better? – then a chat about improved consumer products, experiences or consumer businesses follows

At the end of the day, I help companies become more successful using consumer-based design thinking. This can be thought of as revolutionary or evolutionary aspects, but in either case, I help solve problems or identify ways/areas to improve situations and experiences with products. My work is scale-able so that it can help on a consumer, business and maybe even the bigger picture of industries/societies level.


My process of creation considers the critical triad of humans, business and technology. Fundamentally I overlay a human-centered approach to innovation. With experience working from research, concept and production to get to results that really matter with consumers and humans! I use design methods to creatively connect the dots resulting in – design and experiences that consumers desire.

Humans, society, culture and technology are ever changing, we need to understand this and make better for the greater good.


I design, and with you or your teams help – we create value. Value for businesses, value for retailers, value for consumers.

We create things that people desire, value and ultimately cherish.

Let’s collaborate, Let’s make things better. – for humans, for businesses and industries.


James   /  JDBDesign.co  /  503.858.7779  /  jbucky1@gmail.com