How to Order SaddleRoll

I’m not a brand, or factory or a machine. I make these to order in small batches with a ton of care, because I hope you will be stoked and use them as long as you use your bike. People ask how can I get one, this is normally what I say:

1. Select your rad colour

Colour is the rad. Here are some pre designed options below, but your full full custom version is available. options here

2. Know your desired tube size

If you plan on carrying a tube, the pockets are custom designed, to give you a better more compact roll.

3. Fill in the form below

4. Get it started! Send me $45 😀

+$7 for some various of Camo X9 (trust me the material is hecca more expensive), the ones I like the best are Black Multicam, Multicam and Digital Marpat but you can e mail me should you need further variations.

Venmo me at 503 858 7779 or paypal , that will get your order started and you’ll get some e mails from me.

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