Let’s make better things.

I’m a passionate designer and I believe that everything can be made better. Evolutionary to revolutionary, I help small to large companies become more successful through design-based thinking to provide fresh designs, brand and user experiences.

I use a consumer process that considers the critical triad of humans, business and technology to develop solutions and solve problems.

Crafting Fabric

Classically Trained.

I am classically trained as a product / industrial designer in the U.K. and worked for many years to hone my craft, then with additional years of business and marketing, I am able to step back and connect the dots. Allowing me to understand strategies that work for brands or businesses.

Crafting metal and plastic

Material Craft.

I have experience designing with many materials, steel, wood, many types of plastics and fabrics. Along with materials I also understand production techniques, manufacturing and construction associated with each.

Understanding Consumers

Human Curiosity.

Consumers cannot tell you exactly what to design, but they can help you design better. by adding consumer insight (research) to design and business acumen we can create valuable innovation that people desire and are willing to invest in / pay for.

Making Prototypes

Drawing ideas


Mixed Disciplines

One of my most powerful aspects is due to my experience in product development and brand. My MBA taught me a lot about business and the real world taught me about real business. I’m often at the intersection of product design and brand story telling.

Telling stories through marketing

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